About g+b

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great projects are our passion....


And we firmly believe that great projects are the result of great decisions.  Our company provides the factual, straightforward information that forms the basis for great decisions on our clients and partners projects, in every stage of the process. 

Acquisition -  We offer assistance with your search for a new property, or researching the development and resale options on an existing property.

Design - We offer a full range of pre-construction services including, locating the right design team for your project, collecting bids and proposals for comparison prior to selection, and management of the design group throughout the duration of the project.

Permitting and Zoning - Ensuring that your project is code compliant and properly permitted is one of the most important aspects of a successful project. We do the leg work !

Construction - Our sweet spot. Everything from soil testing to final clean prior to staging. We can go directly to bid with the subcontractors and vendors as your general contractor or interview and collect bids from multiple general contractors while we perform as owners representatives. We monitor scheduling, budget, submissions, inspections, as well as the day to day operations on site. Turning great designs into high quality realities happens right in this phase and we are passionate about it. 

Post Construction - Time to collect on the hard work. We will manage the final details prior to your move into the project, or fully prepare the site and marketing materials for sale or bespoke rental. We are here to ensure that the project is a success, every step of the way. 

Clients- Our most valued resource, and we treat them that way in every interaction we have with them. We know they value their privacy, and expect the people who work with them to do the same. We make your business our business and no one elses.